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Remodeling projects can improve the value of your home but knowing difference of an "Improvement" vs a Repair" can make a big difference on the ROI (Return on your investment).

Generally speaking, a repair, like a broken window or garbage disposal will not give you 100% return on your expenditures and may not add much if you add the disposal vs replacing it, however, it may make your home more desirable than the one without that feature.

Adding a Bathroom will give you a much better return than remodeling an existing bathroom, however, updating is still a great selling point. Adding Square footage, such as a family /entertainment room, to the existing space will also add value to the home.

The materials used when remodeling do play a big roll in the sale price. For example if you replace Formica Counters with all Granite, your home may sell for a higher average Price per Sq Foot than if you left the Formica or even replaced it with new Formica. The added cost of the Granite, over the cost of Formica is distributed through the total square foot of the home. For example, an 1,800 Sq Ft home selling at $159 per sq ft, with Formica counter tops, may sell at $170 per square foot with Granite counter tops.

If you take 2 identical homes, say, they're 15 years old, one of them has been fully updated with new kitchen cabinets, counters, bathroom vanities,  flooring etc, the updated home will sell for a higher price per square foot, however, the sale price may not cover 100% the cost of all the upgrades. Much of this can depend on labor costs and materials cost and the condition of the real estate market at the time of the sale.
So be aware of these factors before remodeling to sell. Be sure to get a good return on your investment before you start any pricey projects.

One of the most important things you can do for your home's value is to maintain the major workings of the home. Throughout the time of you owning it, getting the heating & Cooling systems serviced regularly, repair water leaks immediately and maintain the roof to prevent costly repairs. When it's time to sell, "Make it Sparkle"! Clean everything as if you ere expecting a person of Royalty. (You get the picture) Pack things you won't be needing for the next 3-6 months. Clean windows and Door jams, mirrors, remove the ring in the toilet. (contact me for a simple trick to remove hard water ring in the toilet). Touch up paint if necessary. Check all of your plumbing fixtures, check for leaks, make sure everything moves the way it's intended, make sure the sliding patio door rolls smoothly and doesn't take all your might to open or close. Clean all appliances, inside and out. Pull out the stove and fridge and sweep and mop under and behind them. Clean all air vents, especially with evaporative coolers. Remove extra furniture pieces to make rooms appear more spacious. (it may be worth getting a small storage unit for a month or 2. Even the garage being uncluttered can be a plus.

For more helpful hints, contact Lori at (520) 429-8149   Your Realtor is a great source of service providers for everything from small home repairs to licensed contractors for large additions. Don't be afraid to ask!


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